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Introducing the world’s ONLY plant based dairy butter substitute made with 100% RealFood… and free of manufactured, extracted, or synthetic food additives of any sort. No nasties! “The cleanest plant butter on the planet”.

Buttery delicious and emulsified with pulp of wholesome RealFood fruits and veggies 🍒🥦🥕🥑… instead of lecithin… by using our patent pending revolutionary Paleolithic Emulsifier™ technology. This is the world’s only veggiefruit-emulsifier™ and is fully capable of emulsifying and stabilizing oil and water mixtures into a stable emulsion.

Spread, fry, sauté, sear or bake. Being the world’s ONLY Paleo AIP plant butter on the planet allows for unique and amazing things to happen in the baking world when this RealFood Plant Butter™ is coupled with our RealFood AIP Egg Replacer™. This AIP dynamic duo is uniquely perfect for ARTISAN BAKING to make one of a kind…  moist and delectable AIP bakery goods that cannot be made otherwise! Or, sear a Pittsburg seared steak! WOW! You won’t believe it. It’s time to have your “butter” and eat it too!  Enjoy!

Flavor is our most outstanding quality. We invite you to taste the difference that RealFood can make in a plant butter that is also loaded with God given nutrition. Absolutely delicious, creamy, and buttery… you won’t know the difference! It begs your indulgence with its delightfully inviting, eye-candy yellow color. Yummy!

The future of clean emulsions is here 🍒🥦🥕🥑.




Imagine clean & friendly PULP of wholesome Paleolithic Era fruits and veggies 🍒🥦🥕🥑 functioning as an emulsifier… to produce cleanest in class plant based butters, mayo, salad dressings, sauces, bakery goods, food supplements, etc… WITHOUT food additive emulsifiers such as lecithin, carrageenan, xanthan gum, guar gum, or other such dietary emulsifiers proven to have a direct impact on human gut microbiota and gut barrier. 

Our Paleo Emulsifier™ is ADDITIVE FREE and made with 100% RealFood… as God intends. This real food emulsifier is a game changer. The world’s cleanest emulsifier!

Check out our Paleo Emulsifier™ page for more information.

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